Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Oh My Hermes.

When I was little, I always had this Hermes fantasy, imagining myself wearing their silk scares. How elegant and pretty! Last December, I finally bought myself the first Hermes ever! I've got two twillies and you can do a lot with it, eg. wearing it as hair accessories, tie it around your wrist, or your bag as decorations etc. I am so far very happy with the two twillies I've got :) The colours of them give a perfect match! I've got them in a temporary Hermes boutique in London last December - I Love My Scarf (J'mon Carre). As the name suggests, the main theme of the site revolves around scarves and different ways of wearing them and features photographs and videos of people wearing scarves from cities like London, Paris, New York and Tokyo. They have stylists there to teach you different ways of wearing different sizes of scarves. It was really fun! 


(Photos taken by bff - Larissa)

Thank you all of you for the encourage, support and LOVE from the last post :)* I am finally back to blogging! You will all see my comments very soon :) Hope everyone is having a good week!

with love, es.

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Thursday, 6 January 2011


Life is hectic at the moment. Too many works. too little time. essays exams dissertations are stressing me out. Gonna put a little pause on my blogging life - just a little one. After coping with all these chaos,, i will be back :)* not long to go - 2 more weeks! I just wanna thank you for all of you lovely readers - for all these comments and everything. They mean so much :)* and I promise I will go back to each of your blog to catch up after January! xoxo

Please go away January. 

with love, es.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy New Yeah!


happy new yeah! On the new year's eve,, I went to London to meet my friends again and we went to Embankment to see this amazing fireworks near the London Eye :)* Lovely people,, lovely place,, lovely fireworks - nothing can be better than this ♥

our last picture in 2010!

and our FIRST picture in 2011!

Wishing all of you a VERY happy new yeah! 

with LOTS OF LOVE,, es.

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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

fare thee well iphone.

OK! I'm now back to blogging. I've been too lazy this holiday and have been going out to London a lot to meet my bff so didn't manage to update. But I'm back now :) Thanks for all those comments! I am going to reply them one by one now :)*

So me and my boyfriend went to London for post Christmas shopping on boxing day,, meeting Larissa and Sharon. (please check out Larissa's amazing blog here!) It was a horrible day in London. There were people EVERYWHERE. What makes it even worse,, the tube was ON STRIKE - so NO tube service at all. You could imagine how bad the traffic would be. It took us 2 hours to find a parking space. Then you need to queue to get in Selfridges. Big sales everywhere,, but it was really hard for you to look around as it was SO crowded anywhere. SO I didn't manage to get anything nice. And highlight of the day: My iphone got stolen! Someone stole it from my pocket :( It makes my Christmas not so perfect :( but well at least I'm physically ok. Anyways,, it was such an experience - boxing day in Londond,, haha.

underdress: Initial @ Hong Kong
knit top: Initial @ Hong Kong
leggings: H&M
ankle boots: All Saints
Hat: random boutique in Hong Kong


So as promised,, this is what I made for my boy for his Christmas present :) a DIY snow globe.

What you need:

- distilled water
- glycerin (can make a visit to the Boots, its for slowing down the snow in the water)
- a glass globe (can be any container as long as there is a cover for it)
- small waterproof ornaments
- fake snow (I used some glitters instead)
- super glue

This is the final product :)
hee,, I'm glad that he likes it :)


New Year's Eve is coming! What are your plans? 

with love,, es.

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Saturday, 25 December 2010

Wishing you a Merry Christmas from UK - London

Thank you Sharon for making this beautiful video :)

In the video: My bff Larissa, Sharon, Hiro and Me.

Hope everyone is having a joyful Christmas ♥

with love,, es.

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