Wednesday, 29 December 2010

fare thee well iphone.

OK! I'm now back to blogging. I've been too lazy this holiday and have been going out to London a lot to meet my bff so didn't manage to update. But I'm back now :) Thanks for all those comments! I am going to reply them one by one now :)*

So me and my boyfriend went to London for post Christmas shopping on boxing day,, meeting Larissa and Sharon. (please check out Larissa's amazing blog here!) It was a horrible day in London. There were people EVERYWHERE. What makes it even worse,, the tube was ON STRIKE - so NO tube service at all. You could imagine how bad the traffic would be. It took us 2 hours to find a parking space. Then you need to queue to get in Selfridges. Big sales everywhere,, but it was really hard for you to look around as it was SO crowded anywhere. SO I didn't manage to get anything nice. And highlight of the day: My iphone got stolen! Someone stole it from my pocket :( It makes my Christmas not so perfect :( but well at least I'm physically ok. Anyways,, it was such an experience - boxing day in Londond,, haha.

underdress: Initial @ Hong Kong
knit top: Initial @ Hong Kong
leggings: H&M
ankle boots: All Saints
Hat: random boutique in Hong Kong


So as promised,, this is what I made for my boy for his Christmas present :) a DIY snow globe.

What you need:

- distilled water
- glycerin (can make a visit to the Boots, its for slowing down the snow in the water)
- a glass globe (can be any container as long as there is a cover for it)
- small waterproof ornaments
- fake snow (I used some glitters instead)
- super glue

This is the final product :)
hee,, I'm glad that he likes it :)


New Year's Eve is coming! What are your plans? 

with love,, es.

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Saturday, 25 December 2010

Wishing you a Merry Christmas from UK - London

Thank you Sharon for making this beautiful video :)

In the video: My bff Larissa, Sharon, Hiro and Me.

Hope everyone is having a joyful Christmas ♥

with love,, es.

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Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Kissmas :)

OH MY GOD. It's already Christmas tomorrow!! Christmas stockings ready? :D I really cannot wait to open my presents :) Hope everyone got some presents on their wish-lists!

I have been really busy these few days so didn't manage to any updates and reply to any of the comments. But I promise I will reply all of your lovely comments! :) and thanks to all the followers!! I have just done 12 posts on my blogging journey but I am already having ma lot of followers/readers :)  I am really thankful!

SO. The reason I have been so busy the last 2 days was because my BFF is IN TOWN!!! :) I went to London to spend time with her and met some other friends too! A lot of pictures were taken! This is just a premier of my 2 days trip to London,, will show you guys more when I've got photos from my friends :)

I really cannot wait to see these girls again on 26th! We re going to London for the SUPER SALE :D (any tips for us?) SO I hope all of you will have the merriest Christmas ever and enjoy whatever you are doing :) 

I am now going to prepare my boy's christmas present! Its the prettiest thing I have ever made :) I will show you pictures tomorrow after he opened it :) 


with love,, es.

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Monday, 20 December 2010

My Little Models

As this Christmas, I am not going back home, Hong Kong, for Christmas - so I bought a little something and asked my sister to bring them back for my 2 little cousins. So here you are,, 2 little models wearing the outfits I bought them in the UK :) look how adorable they are!

coat/fur vest - GAP

So this is Monday! I hope everyone is having a nice week :) and guess what! just 5 more sleeps till Christmas!! YAY!!

with love, es.

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Saturday, 18 December 2010

All Time Favourite - Initial

I want to introduce my favourite brand to all of you - Initial. Initial is a fashion brand founded in Hong Kong in 2000. Their designs are unique and individual. Just like what they've been promoting - giving 'the unusual experience' to their customers. I have always enjoyed being one of their loyal customers. (By saying that, I mean at least 70% outfits of my closets are from Initial!) Let me show you some of their recent design. These are one of their collections this winter, which I like most :)

The Chic Office Wear (womenswear)

The Chic Office Wear (menswear)

For more information you can visit their link here: Initial

with love,, es.

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Thursday, 16 December 2010

How far would you go for love?

Question 1 - How far would you go for love?

Question 2 - when your head says something and your heart is saying something else,, would you listen to your head or your heart?


For me,, I would go to the furthest,, no matter how hard the road is,, no matter how heart broken the process would be,, I would still go for it. And the only reason for doing so - I love this person dearly.

And I do always choose to listen to my heart,, instead of my head. Is it good or bad? You tell me.

with love,, es.

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Monday, 13 December 2010

im a listie girl :)

I love listing - it makes life easier :) so this is my list:


♥ I am now sitting in the library - should be reading/working but blogging instead
♥ I have an article which is about transgender in front of me and it is not interesting at all
♥ I want to be perfect
♥ work hard and play harder
♥ I just wanna have fun
♥ I want a Christmas tree this year but flat is too small this year :(
♥ emotional links with passion,, with passion you've got to be emotional,, being emotional you've got to be passionate - can you ever separate the two?
♥ i love fish
♥ be positive,, stay true,, be happy
♥ love makes people irrational and I'm irrational
♥ I love cheesecake
♥ the more the perfect it is,, the more the worries
♥ I'm ready for the challenges in front of me :)
♥ desperate for even longer hair
♥ 444-55566688833-99966688-88833777999-688222244. (can someone decode this? try it!)


That's it for now :) Sorry for the randomness but this is me :)

Oh one last point ♥ there are days I just wanna wear a hoodie with ugg boots,, just like today :)

ps. my new stock from Topshop! :)
finally got my 2 fingers ring :D
with love,, es.

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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Happiest Birthday My ♥

BIRTHDAY SURPRISE: Long before today, I have ordered some little birthday cupcakes to give him surprises. And while we were watching the TV at 00:00 today,, one of the hotel staff brought those little cakes in :) and this is the little birthday surprise from me to him :) happy birthday my boy :)*

wanyimyu/26/happy birthday/dog/sheep/shark

and HIGHLIGHT of the journey - We went to this stream train thing :) We got on a REAL steam train and it was really cool :) 

this is the steam train we were on :D

denim dress - Initial @ Hong Kong
scarf - Initial @ Hong Kong
faux fur coat - Topshop
shoes - Vanilla Suite @ Hong Kong

so YAY :) I had a lovely weekend :) What is even better? MATT WON THE X FACTOR!!!!! wohooo!! He's my favourite :)

Oh. ps. I saw this during my weekend trip and it is absolutely adorably cute :) - Christmas is coming!!

a reindeer Mercedes :)
with love,, ♥ es.

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